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Railway Icons specializes in unique models of unusual structures for model railroads in any scale! We can produce that one-of-a-kind structure for your railroad using our 3D printing technology at prices which are competitive with major manufacturers because our costs are low. Got a special building you want? Give us a call or drop us an email and let's talk about what Railway Icons can build for YOU!

Railway Icons is the new provider of signal simulators for the MODOC Railroad Academy in Marion, Illinois. These signals are built at 1/2 scale of the prototype and used to train new conductors and engineers in the MODOC training programs. We made our first delivery of a fully-equipped CSX (B&O) color position light signal on March 16, 2014! We are now working on multiple-head signals for MODOC for delivery in late May, 2014!

Here are photos of Jim showing MODOC's founder and head instructor, David Rangel, how to operate his new simulator. The signal can display both solid and flashing indications and can also be set up by the instructor to display erroneous indications for testing of conductor and engineer trainees. For more information about our new line of "riding scale" signals visit our Signals and CTC page using the button at the left.


Railway Icons is getting its production schedule back on track with the recent purchase of our second 3D rapid prototyper, an Up! Mini. This machine will allow us to produce smaller objects while our original Up! Plus is devoted to larger parts/buildings thereby doubling our daily output capacity! We now expect to have all remaining 2013 orders completed and shipped by June 1, 2014, and thank our many customers for their patience as we grow the business! We are also working simultaneously on new orders to get them to our new customers at the same time.

Railway Icons is pleased to use and endorse the Up! Plus and Up! Mini as our rapid prototyping equipment of choice!

Railway Icons is pleased to have our work featured on many fine model railroads including Mike Schaefer's HO Illinois and St. Louis Railroad in Lee, Illinois. Mike's railroad has been featured in several Kalmbach publications including a feature article in Great Model Railroads. Currently our Joliet "UD" (Union Depot) Tower graces the I&M and will soon be joined by our State Line Tower!

RAILWAY ICONS recently assisted the Big Creek & Southern Railroad the sale of the items donated to the railroad from the vast collection of Mr. Harold K. Vollrath, noted icon of 20th century steam photography.

If you are interested in purchasing a print of Mr. Vollrath's photos, please contact Kevin EuDaly at White River Productions. Mr. Vollrath's grandson also has a website where you can purchase prints.  

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What can we build for YOU?

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