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Welcome to the Railway Iconic Buildings product catalog page. We offer a variety of custom model railroad buildings that represent some of the most recognizable locations in U.S. railroading. Because our standards are high, we are committed to producing only the highest caliber structural models. Our goal is always to deliver a product which meets not only your’s, but OUR standards of quality and accuracy. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.

All products are produced “to order.” Current delivery time is approximately 60 days after ordering for fulfillment. When your order is received it goes into our production schedule and we will give you an expected shipping date. To order, please see our ABOUT US page!

For detailed information on each product below, CLICK ON THE PHOTO OR ITEM NAME (under construction!).




This is the first of a series of power substations found on the Illinois Terminal in Central Illinois. This particular type of substation housed a rotary converter. This product was developed with the assistance of Dale Jenkins and the Illinois Terminal Historical Society from plans published in The IT Flyer, Spring, 1989.

Price $80.00 (HO/S/N Scale), $120.00 (O Scale).



This is the second of a series of power substations found on the Illinois Terminal in Central Illinois. This product was developed with the assistance of Dale Jenkins and the Illinois Terminal Historical Society from plans published in The IT Flyer, Spring, 1989. A pre-production image will be posted as soon as it is available!

Price $40.00 (HO/S/N Scale), $60.00 (O Scale).


I.T. Lincoln (Illinois)Interlocker

The Lincoln Interlocker protected the crossing of the Illinois Terminal with the Lincoln Sand & Gravel company’s private railroad in southern Lincoln, Illinois. The original building is preserved in Lincoln to this day.

Price $35.00 (HO/S/N Scales), $50.00 (O Scale).



IC/Wabash/Illinois Terminal Starnes Tower

Starnes Tower was located in Springfield, Illinois, and controlled movements between the 3 tenant railroads that all crossed here. This tower has been reproduced in it’s original appearance. Saxby & Farmer levers are included in the leverman’s office upstairs!

Price: $65.00 (HO/S/N Scales), $125.00 (O Scale)



IT/IC/C&NW LeClaire Tower

Located in Edwardsville, Illinois, Illinois Terminal crossed over the Illinois Central, Nickel Plate, Wabash, and Chicago and North Western (ex. Litchfield & Madison). More details later!

Price: $75.00 (HO Scale), $125.00 (O Scale)




Wabash Pre-Fab Concrete Depot

We are producing three versions of the standard pre-fabricated concrete depot used by the Wabash Railroad. Version 1 and 2 are mirror images of each other. Original depots were found throughout the Wabash system. Version 3 is a longer version as found at Carrollton, Missouri. (We’ll post a better photo soon!)

Price $40.00 (HO/S/N Scales), $60.00 (O Scale).


Wabash Brick Tower

We are producing two versions of the standard brick interlocking tower as built by the Wabash Railroad. Version 1 is similar in style to the tower located in Jacksonville, Illinois. Version 2 replicates the tower in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (We’ll post a pre-production image of the towers soon! Please excuse the “place holder” image for now!)

Price $75.00 (HO/S/N Scales), $125.00 (O Scale).


C&IM/Wabash Shops Tower

Shops tower protected the crossing of the Chicago & Illinois Midland and Wabash in Springfield, Illinois. Details include relay and battery boxes found adjacent to the tower on the Wabash side of the building.


Price: $45.00 (HO Scale), $80.00 (O Scale) - AVAILABLE NOW!


B&O/Wabash (N&W) Deshler Tower

Deshler - ‘nuff said! We are proud to offer one of North America’s best known iconic locations in our catalog! Also included with your model of Deshler tower is a data CD containing the popular ATCS Monitor software and all the files necessary to actively observe live action at Deshler via the internet




GM&O Tower Set #1

This set of includes both Ridgely and Iles Towers which were located in Springfield, Illinois. Special supplemental historical materials are included with this set include track and signaling diagrams by Jon Roma. Tower Set #1 comes in two versions: typical appearance (good for 1950’s and later) and Chicago and Alton version. This is a limited edition set. Only 5 sets remain available as of 3/15/2013. This set will not be produced again until 2015. Price $90.00 (GM&O), $110.00 (C&A version).


GM&O/RI Joliet “UD” Tower

”UD” (Union Depot) Tower stands sentry at the grand crossing of the GM&O, Santa Fe, and Rock Island railroads in Joliet, Illinois. It’s massive 223-lever interlocking machine was once manned by three levermen and a train director. Today UD’s future is uncertain as metropolitan planners are preparing to convert the site into a regional transportation hub and rumors are circulating that UD is living on borrowed time. Our model of UD depicts it in it’s original appearance with full window openings, sculpted stone construction and is complete with the interlocking machine housed on the top floor. The model includes the basement level which is shipped along with the portion of the tower typically seen from track level and may be left off as the modeler chooses. This model is produced in HO and N scales only. Price: $125.00 HO, $100,00 N scale.


GM&O “BN” Target Shanty

Originally located in Bloomington, Illinois, this building was a train order and register office and also controlled the non-interlocked crossing of the GM&O, Peoria & Eastern, and Nickel Plate. Interior detailing included! Interior plan provided by William K. Dunbar, former GM&O Dispatcher. Operational and historical information available through the GM&O Historical Society “News”, Issue #127. Price: $40.00


GM&O/PRR/B&O/CJ Panhandle Crossing Shack

From what was one of the most recognizable locations in U.S. railroading, we offer the switch tender’s shack located at Panhandle Crossing in Brighton Park, Illinois. Interior detail includes the Armstrong 8-lever machine that was used to operate the manual block signals which gave trains permission to proceed across the diamonds after their mandatory stop had been made.

Price: $45.00. - AVAILABLE NOW!




GM&O/NYC Wann Cabin

Located at the junction of GM&O’s main line and the NYC’s Old Main line, Wann Cabin was a train order/register station and also controlled the interlocking plant at this important rail junction in the East St. Louis area where the GM&O and NYC began their joint double-track line south to Venice, Illinois. Interior details include the tabletop GRS CTC machine and operator’s desk. Price: $45.00 - AVAILABLE NOW!



IC/B&O/GM&O/C&IM Avenue Tower

Avenue guarded the most complex junction in Springfield, Illinois where Illinois Central, C&IM, B&O, and a GM&O branch line all converged. From this junction B&O and IC went west to IC’s Union Depot and the B&O continued west crossing the main line of the GM&O before going on to Beardstown - the furthest western point on the B&O. Two B&O lines from the east enter Springfield here. Chicago & Illinois Midland entered from the north on it’s way to Taylorville. Outbuildings and relay cases included!

Price: $75.00 (HO/N Scale only)

ATSF/GM&O/CRI&P/P&PU West Yard Tower

In Pekin, Illinois, this tower (known as Pekin Tower by the GM&O) was the point where GM&Os P&N Line joined the Peoria and Pekin Union. In addition the Santa Fe and Rock Island entered Peoria here.

Price: $55.00 (HO Scale), $80.00 (O Scale)




Saxby & Farmer “Armstrong” lever set - Price $20.00

Use these scale levers to detail the interior of your interlocking tower! Each set of levers contains 6 levers. Four sets of levers are included in the set.

Interlocking Plant Pipe Line set - Price $20.00

Use these scale pipe line sets to detail your tower installation on your railroad! Included are two styles of pipe lines. One style contains 7 pipes and supports while the other has a combination of a 2-line and a 3-line pipe set. Four pieces of each style are included. We also do custom pipe lines to your specifications! Just let us know what you need and we’ll produce it in short order for your Saxby & Farmer style interlocking!

Concrete Battery Boxes - Price $15.00 (All Scales).

Concrete battery boxes can be found along the right-of-way of most railroads. This package contains 10 battery boxes in HO scale (5 for O Scale).

All of the items listed above are currently available for ordering. When ordering you will be given a firm date for shipping. All shipping is via USPS Mail. If you need overnight or expedited service, please contact us prior to ordering. Standard shipping charges are included in the price of each item. MISSOURI RESIDENTS please add 8.375% sales tax to your order total.

For more information or to place an order, please contact us either via email at jdbandman@earthlink.net You may also call us at 660-362-0123 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

We look forward to serving you.

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